The Best and the Worst Language Dictionaries

A local Turkish-language site guest, concentrating on English as an unknown dialect in the UK, thought of us some time back getting some information about which word reference he should use while reading up for his English-language capability test. He showed his own inclination for the Redhouse Dictionaries – – the Büyük El Sözlüğü specifically. However at that point, shockingly, he let us know that his unknown dialect analyst thought the Redhouse Dictionaries excessively Americanized.

That rang my chime, and I answered…


Please accept my apologies, however your unknown dialect analyst is mixed up. The Redhouse Dictionaries leave there method for including current British language utilization. I quote, “The word reference mirrors the American perspective of its editors; but British utilizations in jargon, implications, spelling and elocution have typically been noted.”

Also at any rate, the Redhouse Dictionaries are by a wide margin the best of the multitude of accessible ones available. I particularly suggest the huge 2-volume set, just named Redhouse Sözlüğü. It’s the anglish following stage up from the Büyük El Sözlüğü. Observe more insight concerning the 2-volume set on our ‘Best Books for Turkish’ page.

Nothing else even approaches the Redhouse Dictionaries. My Redhouse Dictionary CD Edition is really helpful that I leave it in one of my PC’s CD-straights constantly.

Our companion John Ma, who got his Ancient Civilizations Doctorate from Oxford University, clarified it very well when he said, “I wish the undeniably popular Oxford University Library had more duplicates of the Redhouse Dictionaries. The understudies are continuously utilizing them. What’s more the Oxford Turkish-English-Turkish Dictionary simply assembles dust.”

Be that as it may, I’ll go undeniably farther than John…

The very first Turkish-English-Turkish word reference I possessed was the “Brief Oxford Turkish-English Dictionary” by A.D. Alderson and Fahir Iz, distributed 1959 and reproduced a few times up through 1985. What’s more, I can’t imagine a more awful unknown dialect word reference.

I had a go at involving it for a really long time as I battled ineffectively to understand the Turkish-language. (I purchased my first duplicate of the Oxford Dictionary for my workspace in Ankara in 1976 and my second duplicate for my bedside in 1987 – – likewise in Ankara.) And, with the exception of my having the option to communicate and comprehend the standard ‘conveniences’, I was totally bewildered by Turkish-language during the whole time.

I just started to effectively comprehend and utilize Turkish-language after I dropped the Oxford Dictionary and started utilizing the different versions of the Redhouse, the Langenscheidt, and chose nearby specialty word references – – like the Commercial and Technical Dictionaries distributed by FONO. So I’m apprehensive I can’t help contradicting your unknown dialect inspector. Profoundly.

Yet, the biggest Langenscheidt Dictionary is a tolerable subsequent option in the event that your unknown dialect analyst won’t allow you to utilize the Redhouse Dictionaries. All things considered, the Langenscheidt Dictionary is inquisitively frail in places. What’s more in correlation with the enormous 2-volume Redhouse Dictionary Set (which has 160,000 sections in each book), the Langenscheidt Dictionary is little (with just 80,000 passages absolute).

Nontheless… anything you do, keep away from the previously mentioned “Succinct Oxford Turkish Language Dictionary”. It’s awful.