Start an Avalanche of Traffic to Your Website – 3 Easy Steps to Article Marketing on Super-Steroids

This article is intended to show a relatively inexperienced article marketer how to get the biggest bang for their buck from their article writing efforts. If you have prior experience in this field you may still find this article more beneficial than you imagine.

The initial objective is to write and submit 12 articles to article directories. If you are already a published online author, keep reading. If you are new to article marketing you can do this as you go. There is no reason to have 12 published articles before you get started.

Step 1: Article Exposure x 3

You are the author Best Legal Steroids Alternative Supplements of each and every  article you pen. You therefore have the complete and total discretion to submit your articles to as many article directories as you wish provided you do not violate a directory’s terms and conditions. These are the top five based on traffic according to


I recommend Ezine Articles, Buzzle, and Why these three directories in particular? Isnare isn’t even in the top five. There is a method to my madness. Read on.

Submit your articles to all three directories as you write them. It takes a lot less time to post an article you have already written then it does to write another one from scratch. For just a little more effort you will have established three times the presence on the internet.

Each of these article directories has their own little quirks. Their review times vary. But if you’re serious about making money online you’ll muddle your way through with a little effort.