Secrets to German Shepherd Dog Training

Now you are the owner of a German Shepherd. This is one of the most beautiful, friendly dogs there is. It is very popular with many people, and it makes a good watchdog. Still, they are different from other dogs, and they need specific German Shepherd dog training in order to allow them to fit in well with your family.

How to Groom a German Shepherd Dog – American Kennel Club

Large, strong, and athletic, these dogs need quite a bit of stimulation on a mental level. They also need a lot of exercise. Good German Shepherd dog training will probably mean you can get your dog to do almost anything you wish. German Shepherds succeed best when they face activities that challenge them. They are very ready to  jerman seaford dog serve people and make people happy. Many police forces use them as service dogs. When they get called into the action, they can’t be matched.

When German Shepherds are young, they can be rather rowdy. They might knock over children so it’s a good idea to discourage them from jumping up if they get excited. If you leave the dog home alone, it may damage your property. It can use its big teeth and claws to do the damage. Remember a German Shepherd doesn’t really become fully grown until it’s around three years old. You have to be patient and consistent with his training. You want to expose the dog to lots of people and other dogs in order to socialize him. This will also prevent the dog from developing aggressive traits.

You might want to enroll the dog in a training class or at least get yourself a good guide that can take you through German Shepherd dog training step by step. You should start this at a young age. If you consider enrolling your dog in a club, you’ll find that many clubs allow dogs to join when they are only a few months old. This training class should be enjoyable fun for your dog. It will allow him to play and socialize, while it will also teach him what is allowable and what isn’t. This makes for some valuable incentive to your training.