Employees have the ability to see all tips in real time

Even for experienced business owners, the hospitality sector can be difficult to navigate. Even when customers re-emerge, normalcy returns, there are still obstacles that will prevent a smooth recovery.

According to a study from Deputy, the average annual turnover for the hospitality sector in 2019 was 30%. This figure is more than double the UK’s. Losing key employees can cause a decline in morale, productivity, and even worse, the ability to retain them. EasyTip is a great tool to help you find and keep the best staff in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality staff work hard. Their excellent service defines your company. Customers want to tip, and employees deserve to be generously rewarded. The habits of the past have been irrevocably altered.

cashless tipping has changed with the shift to cash. Many staff struggle to make as much cash tips. EasyTip offers the most transparent and fair way to collect tips. Our software package is totally free for businesses, and can be customized to fit any hospitality or service venue’s needs.

EasyTip removes all the hassles that come with accepting tips using a bank card. Additionally, the platform is compliant with HMRC, service charge regulations, so you can rest easy.

EasyTip can be a huge benefit to your business in many ways. You can take this example:


Tipping made easier, faster, and fairer for all.

EasyTip is an easy-to use tech solution that allows customers tip via a simple QR code. All cashless tips are sent straight to each staff member’s bank accounts. They can also be split up and distributed more fairly and transparently depending on which configuration is best for the venue. EasyTip understands that different venues collect tips in different ways. However, with new legislation regarding service charge, EasyTip will be the ideal partner to help create a consistent and transparent tipping program that staff will love.


Employees can earn as high as 20% per month!

The online platform allows staff to make more money and take greater control of their earnings. According to the study by Deputy, 63% said that unsatisfactory wages and benefits were the reason they left hospitality jobs. EasyTip, a tailor-made contactless tipping platform, could alleviate this dissatisfaction. EasyTip has been shown to help staff increase their take home income by as much 20% per month. And all this at no cost to them!

Employees have the ability to see all tips in real time.

Our tipping platform allows employees to receive instant notifications on their mobile phones. This is because we believe employees should know when and what amount they have been tipped. But how does that happen? It’s really simple. For restaurants, the QR code will be displayed on the receipt. It will direct customers to a page relating to the staff member they are ordering from. Our bespoke merchandising QR codes allow customers to pick the appropriate staff member in the case of salons or other venues. The customer then has the option to tip via Apple Pay (Google Pay), or card.

EasyTip provides many other benefits that will help you succeed. This is not just a tip service or platform for simplifying tasks, it is also a great technology resource to keep everyone focused on customer service while encouraging a collegial spirit. Don’t forget to mention EasyTip connection when interviewing potential employees.

Find out more about virtual tip containers and contactless tips. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can assist your business.