Coaching Youth Football – Offensive Line

The offensive lineman is the unsung hero of any good offense. He is not always recognized as the hero of the game. But without him the backs can’t run anywhere. NO line, NO scoring, NO winning. This tells me the better the offensive line the better the team. The offensive line is a team within a team. They have to play as a unit from left end to right end. They can and should help each other. They MUST work together.

The offensive lineman must have the determination and the mental discipline to practice different blocking assignments constantly. His blocks must be correct on every play and that ราคาบอลสเต็ป ufabet can only be achieved through working hard everyday at practice. There are no shortcuts in this respect. You must practice hard if you want to get better.

Blocking is the key to any offensive game. Good offensive line play is based on a good stance, an explosive start, body control, correct hitting position on contact , delivery of a forceful block and driving your legs. The line must come off the ball as one. Explode with the snap, staying low, make contact, bring forearms and shoulders up and into his man, keeping his legs under himself and moving, driving his man out.

Remember he doesn’t have to move the defensive man too far to open up the hole. You might have to move him left or right and you always want to move him back. To do this keep your body square and use short choppy steps.