Are You Ready For Some Youth Football? Just Remember Its Not About You!

Well its that time of year……..You guessed it crazy out of control, why isn’t my son playing more, let’s fire the coach, then lynch him, time of the year. That’s right its football season. To make sure you, I mean your child has a great season, here are some ideas I thought would help.

Get little Johnny’s butt off the couch before the season starts. Take him outside, I know its hot but he will survive. Play some catch with him he will enjoy that more than sitting on the couch watching Sponge Bob. It is very important that your child gets some kind of conditioning, and training before the season starts. You and I both know that the first day of practice the coach is not going to be happy until some ones kid pukes. Make sure its not your kid.

While Johnny is watching that episode of Sponge Bob where he thinks Patrick star stole his jelly fishing net, that Johnny has seen probably at least 6 times. Encourage him to stretch while he watches TV. I made a habit of doing this while I played and I make my kids do it to. I did it so much I still find my old butt laying on the floor grabbing for my toes. I have to remind myself your old now let it go, you couldn’t pull your hamstring if you tried.

I know its easier to grab a happy meal, but don’t do it, not even the one with the milk, no I’m serious keep driving I don’t care if they have apple slices now. Imagine your child is going to the olympics as a world class sprinter, would you encourage him to eat fast food and veg out in front of the tv? For our countries sake I hope not. Eating proper will give your child more energy on the field, prevent injury, and make him the fastest most amazing athlete. OK the last parts a lie, but ill say anything for you not to stop at mc D. You know how sluggish that number 3 super sized makes you feel, well imagine if you ate that then me and you went out and did some hitting drills afterward! I mean I’m going to hurt you either way but at least this way you wont puke on yourself.

This last step is really about you the parent. Its not about you! Try to ช่องทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ remember its not about how your child or the team did. The truth of the matter is its hard we all love are kids. We see how talented and great they are everyday. We want others to know how special our kid is to. But at who’s expense? The fact is different kids develop and mature at different times. The fastest, best kid today usually isn’t tomorrow. If scouting and recruiting was an exact science why did Brett Farve go to Southern Miss., and Jerry Rice to Mississippi Valley State, and Marshall Faulk only got one scholarship offer to play running back and that was San Diego State? Allow your kid to have fun. FUN!!FUN!!FUN!! Because guess what if hes not having fun hes not even going to want to do it, and how well do you do things that you don’t want to do? I had to clean the toilet today, and take out the trash, both done half ass! I took the trash out about 4 hours after my wife asked me and almost missed the garbage man.